Workshops with Asphyxia

Asphyxia and her interpreter, Paula Dowse, offer a variety of workshops.


… a sign singing workshop

Do you find sign language mesmerising, and find yourself trying not to stare when people are signing around you? Here's your opportunity to learn this beautiful language of the Deaf. Auslan is especially poetic and beautiful when signed to music, and as an added bonus, it's easier to remember signs learnt this way.

Join Asphyxia, as she teaches the Australian classic song 'My Island Home' in Auslan. This workshop is a delightful combination of music, song and dramatic expression, guaranteed to get you smiling. This workshop is in Auslan and English and is recommended for 6 years to adults.


Booked Out is a speaker's agency for writers, artists and thinkers. Please follow the links below for details on workshops Asphyxia offers.

The Grimstones Workshop

Journal Inspiration

Discovering Deafness

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Fall in Love with Reading and Writing

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