The Grimstones Book Series

Asphyxia and publishers Allen and Unwin have combined talents to create a series of Grimstones novels for readers aged 8 to 12 years old. The first in the series, Hatched, is stocked in over 530 bookstores across Australia and New Zealand— and with 3,000 copies distributed to school libraries — Martha is beyond excited. Hatched was also choosen to represent Australian Illustrators at the 2012 Children's International Book fair in Bologna, Italy AND has being tanslated into Finnish and Russian!!

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... check out our other publication, The Grimstones - An Artist's Journal by Asphyxia, to inspire you to 'get making' whether you want to paint, perform or build.

The Artist Journal records Asphyxia's creative process while making The Grimstones, from the initial spark of an idea through to a magnificent theatrical production that's touring the world.

It's jam-packed with sketches, beautiful photographs and 'how to' tips, providing a unique insight into an artistic life. You will be inspired to bring more creativity into your life and just get creating!