Promotional Material for The Grimstones – Hatched

If you are presenting a season of The Grimstones – Hatched the following information and downloads will assist your promotion and foster box office success.

Download poster and flier Word templates and enter your venue details. Place your logos alongside ours. If the posters/fliers are going to be sent to a print bureau, it is wise to save your files as pdf before emailing. Alternatively, if you are going to print them yourself, the posters look more professional if the white space around the edges (where the printer can’t print) are trimmed.

If you have Photoshop or another image editing program, you can enter your own event details on the jpg email template, save it as a low resolution jpeg, and have it display in the emails you send. Alternatively you can edit the email template in Word, save it as a pdf, and attach to the email. The Grimstones – Hatched show copy can also be downloaded (in Word format).

Credit and Logo Requirements

The following credits should be included as a part of programming and promotional material for The Grimstones - Hatched.

The Creative Team: Designed and created by Asphyxia. Directed by Gabrielle Griffin and Kelly Parry. Performed by Asphyxia and Paula Dowse. Produced by Roe Ritchie. Lighting & technical design by Kane Forbes & Tim Bright. Original music by Ania Reynolds. Technical production by Nathalie Devilliers. Design by Jenine Davidson.

The following logos should appear on all programming and promotional material.

A generic media release can be downloaded in Word format - enabling you enter the details and logos for your event and distribute to relevant media outlets. Medium and high resolution images are available in jpg format from our image gallery.

We also have a 6-minute preview video to be played in your foyer in the lead up to the show. Please contact us if you would like us to post you a copy on DVD.

To promote the show on your website, you may wish to embed the YouTube version of our 6-minute promo video.

Once your website is updated to show details for The Grimstones - Hatched, please send us your URL and we will link to it from our site.

A beautiful 30-second television commercial is available at additional cost.

Please contact us if you would like to use this.

Need further help marketing your event? Download our collection of marketing tips.

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