Technical details for the Grimstones – Hatched

The Grimstones is suitable for theatres, schools, festival stages, and community halls. Technical details for The Grimstones are flexible – the show can be presented with stunning lighting which highlights the four worlds of The Grimstones, or it can be performed with minimal technical requirements in venues such as a community hall.

running times: The full show, suitable for adults and children aged 8 and up, runs for approximately 50 minutes. We recommend a 35 minute version for younger children’s programmes.

stage: The minimum stage size is 7m wide x 3.5m deep. All members of the audience must be able to see the floor of the stage, as much action takes place at floor level. The show suits audiences seated in front of the stage – arena-style seating is not suitable.

sound: We require a standard in-house sound system appropriate to venue size, with CD playback and one wireless lapel microphone. The venue must provide a sound operator.

lighting: The giant books have built in lights for illumination, so access to a power point on the prompt side is required. Stage lighting can be as simple or complex as your venue allows.

camera: We recommend a live camera feed for audiences over 200. We will provide camera, mixer and operator. Your venue must provide a video projector and screen. Two audience seats, centre front, must be reserved for the operator. Please allow an additional 2 hours during bump in to prepare the live camera feed. If interested in this option please ask us for more details or download our Live Camera Feed information sheet.

exhibition: A foyer exhibition is available at no extra cost. It documents Asphyxia’s, process from the point of inspiration and concept sketches right through to the completed work. It provides an inspiring behind the scenes glimpse of The Grimstones production. Audiences are welcome to browse the exhibition before and after the show. The exhibition includes 16 A1-size colour posters and is mounted on a black free standing Superlite system which is 1800 high x 2500 in length. (For smaller spaces an 8 poster version can be displayed.)

merchandise: There is an exquisite book, The Grimstones – An Artist’s Journal, showing how The Grimstones was made. A CD of the soundtrack and Grimstones postcards are also available for sale. A table needs to be provided in the foyer for merchandise sales.

touring: The set packs down to 5 large suitcases which can be transported in a regular car. The touring party consists of 2 performers and 2 crew. The exhibition with mounting system comprises an additional large suitcase, with a separate box for the Artist’s Journal and other merchandise.

bump in/out: The length of time required for bump in depends on technical details: For general stage wash allow 1.5 hours. For special wash allow 2 hours (assumes preset has been completed) For standard lighting allow 4 hours (assumes preset has been completed). For live feed camera allow an additional 2 hours. Bump out takes one hour.

change rooms: Grimstone performers require a dressing room with a mirror and access to running water and toilet facilities. We also require a clean piece of floor, 3m x 3m, for warm up. The dressing room, warm up space, and toilet facilities must be out of view of the audience.