The Grimstones - Hatched

Hatched is a compelling and magical fairytale about The Grimstone Family.

Hatched celebrates the wonder of books, the acceptance of difference, family love and the simple pleasures of life.


The story is told with giant books, old-world marionettes and sign language. Gertrude Grimstone (Asphyxia) and her assistant August (Paula Dowse), the delightful story-tellers and puppeteers, interact with the puppets and have their own role to play in The Grimstones fairytale. Those who enjoy Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands and The Addams Family will LOVE The Grimstones.

This production has toured continually around Australia and overseas since its 2008 launch. It has been nominated for three major prizes including a Helpmann award. The reviews are outstanding - this show is a hit!

A beautiful and immersive theatre experience for all ages.

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'This is one of the most deliciously dark and touching shows you will see.
Four stars.'

- Sunday Mail

The Story

A young girl, Martha Grimstone, lives with her mother Velvetta and grandfather Elcho. Martha is gifted with the ability to see peoples' dreams and she sees her mother's eternal longing for more babies. Martha's father died when she was a baby and her mother still grieves for the many children they had planned together.

The young girl urges her grandfather, Elcho, to use his skills in magic to cast a spell that will create a baby for her mother. When Elcho refuses she creeps into his apothecary late at night and works the spell herself, producing a large egg. When her grandfather discovers what she has done he is horrified: she has made a crucial mistake in the spell and the results will be catastrophic!

When the egg finally hatches a very strange looking baby boy emerges …

The Audience

The Grimstones - Hatched is a 50 minute show designed for adults and children aged 8 and up. Younger audiences will also enjoy the show, but a 35 minute version.