The Grimstones – Mortimer Revealed

Mortimer Revealed is the second compelling and magical fairytale about The Grimstone family. Martha Grimstone, the girl who reads dreams, longs for the truth. What happened to her father Mortimer? Enter Martha’s fantastical world of mysterious family secrets, giant books marionettes and sign language.


This quirky and inspiring tale explores family, love and loss using magic, tenderness and humour. It also celebrates the unique passions and gifts we all hold.

A beautiful and immersive theatre experience for all ages.

'Incredibly Clever'

Julie Holmes


Tony Forster

'Breath taking artistry'

Chris Menton

'With just the right
amount of humour'

Brett Winters

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The Story

Martha Grimstone’s father died when she was just a baby. No-one speaks of him and Martha longs to know the truth about how he died. Her baby brother Crumpet creates a magical spell to reveal the past. Martha and Crumpet see Mortimer Grimstone rise from the grave to tell his story.

They watch as Mortimer gently plays his Epithium, lulling baby Martha to sleep. A terrible storm erupts in the valley and Mortimer’s father Elcho, the Keeper of the Valley, orders him out to battle the storm using the ancient magic in order to save their village from destruction.

Mortimer resists, not accepting his father’s ‘old ways’. His wife Velvetta arrives home to discover their baby, Martha, is missing. Mortimer fears she may have crawled out into the storm so he rushes out into the night to find her …

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