The Grimstones is now an interactive app!

Meet your new special friend ...

... Martha Grimstone, the girl with a giant egg that seems to be taking forever to hatch. Her mother, Velvetta, sews garments lined with love and warmth and her grandfather heals people with his magical concoctions. Martha’s bird can’t wait to bring you letters full of secrets, inventions and stories. Read the letters from Martha and share a magnificent adventure with her. Write back, creating a beautiful scrapbook-style journal with Martha, sharing your hopes and dreams. You can use words, drawings, video, photos and a whole lot of imagination.

This uniquely interactive app is based on the award-winning Grimstones book series, and combines an interactive reading experience with prompts to write and create.

We recommend you enjoy this app on an iPad 2 or higher, or on an iPad mini.


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Information for parents and teachers ...

The Grimstones app is uniquely interactive. It offers your child(ren) the opportunity to read and learn creatively and joyously. Your child will receive a series of letters from their special friend Martha Grimstone. These letters (or chapters) prompt children to write back to Martha with stories from their own lives. Children are encouraged to send letters that include text, photos or drawings created on their iPads or iPad minis. When your child touches the ‘send’ button, their letter is saved in the image library. A beautiful scrapbook-style journal emerges, entwining Martha’s story with their own.

Teachers and parents are able to choose the most convenient time for Martha’s letters to be delivered. You may choose to deliver the next letter only after your child(ren) have replied to the previous one. In this way, your child is rewarded each time they write a letter. Letters are not actually sent to anyone and are totally private. If children or adults would like to forward the journal to someone, they can send the file from their image library via email or other means.